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Wonderful client feedback since 1991

From some of the wonderful client feedback we’ve received over the years, we feel that there are some main ingredients why customers choose to trust us with the creation of their important bespoke awards and gifts.

Perhaps it is the recipe of all of them together, which basically boils down to the fact that we will work to understand and guide you in the choice of design, then our classically trained artists will painstakingly create it for you. We ensure that you’ll receive an exquisite award/gift that you will feel proud of. And like you, we like to feel pride in all aspects of our work, including offering you the best customer service experience.

3d crystal award - CRYSTAL GLASS STAR PAPERWEIGHT or AWARD TROPHY with 3D Laser Engraved Image & Logo in Centre

Clients include Virgin, Siemens, McDonalds, Santander, The BBC..

Why customers choose us

Pure quality

Only the most brilliant and pure material is used in the bespoke awards and gifts we design and make for our clients. The raw materials are checked for imperfections and impurities across all our ranges, and of course each finished work is quality checked to ensure that is impeccable.


Creativity and skill flow together naturally in the hands of our classically trained artists. Artistry is a natural part of the process here.


Superior 8th generation laser technology assures that the form and lines drawn within the crystal show contrast and dimension.


Your flat 2 dimensional image becomes a 3D creation that seems to defy gravity. You can include a logo, corporate name or any other design. Really it is only our imagination that limits us….


Our state of the art production capability enables us to produce a single ‘one of a kind’ award, 100 pieces or even 100,000 pieces for a time critical event


Our competitively priced products maximise your investment by presenting the best product in its category from a branded leader in 3D crystal art awards.

Customer service

Customer service is central to everything that we do. From the inception of your idea, and order, to delivery. We genuinely pride ourselves on our customer service – it’s our number one priority.